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Full-Fibre Connectivity Improves Productivity at RizkMcCay

A complete overhaul of its internet and communication systems vastly improved productivity and efficiency for one of Nottingham’s most established marketing agencies.

The Business

RizkMcCay is a creative design and strategic marketing agency based on The Ropewalk, Nottingham. Working with organisations such as Willmott Dixon, Gleeds, Morgan Sindall, Balfour Beatty, NCC and AIG. RizkMcCay deliver large-scale, fully integrated marketing projects to a local, national and international client base.

The Challenge

Previously RizkMcCay were serviced by a standard, asynchronous, contested broadband connection. As well as low maximum speeds they suffered from poor connectivity, especially during peak business hours.

For a fast-paced agency, transferring large files everyday, a constant and reliable internet connection is vital. The unreliable connection was extremely frustrating, and caused huge inefficiencies in some instances, team members had to resort to going home to send files via their domestic line, or physically dropping off a memory stick, as a faster option to sending them digitally from the office.

At the same time, RizkMcCay were in need of an overhaul of their telephone system to accommodate their growing team. Their existing system was 6 or 7 years old and updates were cost prohibitive.

Rather than taking 5 hours to upload a file it now takes 5 minutes!

Nadia Rizk - Creative Director, RizkMcCay

The Solution

Having reviewed their situation, we recommended an integrated internet access and communications solution, and delivered a program of technologies that not only solved RizkMcCay's immediate issues, but positioned the business for scaleable growth.

Taking advantage of Nottingham's new Gigabit speed internet infrastructure, we installed full-fibre internet access, providing end-to-end fibre connectivity from the telephone exchange all the way to RizkMcCay's premises. As fibre optic cables are immune from signal attenuation and interference, there are no connectivity issues and no drops in speed, even at peak times.

Full-fibre internet access not only ensure's speed, reliability and cost-effective connectivity, it also supports the delivery of modern communication technologies such as VoIP. With a solid internet infrastructure in place we were able to offer RizkMcCay our Hosted Telephony solution, a virtual telephone system providing advanced cloud phone system features without the cost of installing a telephone system on-site.

Nadia Rizk 696X464
Whenever we need support or guidance Stephen and his team are extremely proactive. They are a trusted partner, not a provider.

Nadia Rizk - Creative Director, RizkMcCay

The Result

The result is fast, reliable internet access that allows the RizkMcCay team to do their job and deliver for their clients without interruption and a cost effective communication system that can scale in line with the business's expansion. And because we provide a fully managed service, we can monitor both and increases the bandwidth as the business scales, without making any costly infrastructure updates.

Next-generation true-fibre internet access is now available across Nottingham

We offer Gigabit speed services at lower prices than other networks, while dramatically improving service levels and network reliability.

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