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Adopting AI to Identify Opportunity


Prospecting & Account Management

AI for business development is the application of AI techniques and technologies to support and enhance business development activities, such as:

    • Finding and qualifying leads
    • Generating and nurturing prospects
    • Creating and delivering proposals
    • Closing deals and retaining customers
    • Expanding and growing accounts
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AI can help business development professionals to automate and optimize various tasks, such as:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Market research and intelligence
  • Customer segmentation and personalization
  • Content creation and delivery
  • Communication and engagement
  • Forecasting and decision making
  • Performance measurement and improvement
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Web Analytics

Sales Operations

AI can also help business development professionals to discover and leverage new sources of data, insights, and opportunities, such as:

  • Social media and web analytics
  • Customer feedback and reviews
  • Industry trends and best practices
  • Competitive intelligence and benchmarking
  • Partner and vendor networks
  • Internal and external databases
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Tech Spotlight: Copilot for Sales

Microsoft Copilot: Microsoft Copilot is an AI assistant that offers innovative solutions across the Microsoft Cloud. Copilot helps businesses to automate and optimise various tasks and processes, such as data management and analysis, content creation and delivery, communication and engagement, forecasting and decision making, and performance measurement and improvement.

Copilot has helped businesses to extend and create their own AI solutions, using tools like Microsoft Copilot Studio and Microsoft Azure AI Studio. Copilot also works alongside Microsoft Apps like Word, Excel, Teams, and Azure.

Microsoft Copilot for Sales is an AI solution that helps sales teams to close more deals and grow revenue. Copilot for Sales helps businesses to automate and optimise various sales activities, such as lead scoring, customer segmentation, personalised messaging, and sales forecasting. Copilot for Sales can also help you to review what’s most important, such as key performance indicators, sales pipeline, and customer feedback. To learn more about how Mason Infotech can help your business to implement Copilot, reach out to your account manager.

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