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Cyber Security

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Enterprise-Grade Cyber Security for Small Business

Our managed security services for small business bring enterprise-grade managed security to SMEs. We help businesses to stay safe and compliant through proactive management of bleeding-edge technology and a wealth of expertise.


Security Audit

Cybersecurity for SME usually starts with an audit. Mason Infotech audits businesses for free to help you understand your vulnerabilities, identify what is currently working, and provide some actionable recommendations to strengthen where needed. We use the NIST framework, and the audit includes:

  • Detailed Risk Assessment to identify potential threats.
  • Security Policy Review to evaluate your current policies and practices.
  • Compliance Check to ensure you're meeting your industry specific regulations.
  • Actionable Insights via our details report gives you practical steps to improve your cybersecurity posture.
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End User Protection

Most businesses now have some kind of remote work policy in place, meaning that cybersecurity for smbs is more complex than protecting your teams behind a firewall. This is where endpoint protection software comes in. Mason Infotech's advanced endpoint protection tools are designed to protect end users wherever they are working from.

Powered by machine learning, EDR and MDR products monitor endpoints in real time, and respond to zero-day threats before they reach the broader network. They work constantly, ensuring swift action to mitigate potential risks.

End User Protection
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Email Filtering

Email is where 91% of all cyber attacks begin, which 50% of small businesses in the UK experiencing a breach via Phishing in the last 12 months. To protect your business and end users, we employ an advanced email filtering tool that is designed to keep your teams' inboxes free from malicious content.

Our email filtering solutions scan incoming and outgoing emails for spam, phishing attempts, and malware in order to identify and block harmful content before it reaches your users.

With Mason Infotech's advanced email filter, you get:

  • Spam and Phishing Protection
  • Malware Detection
  • Content Filtering
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A cloud-prepared DNS and VPN service that secures remote working more effectively than conventional network security hardware. These solutions are ideal for fully remote teams who access cloud data across multiple networks.

Mason Infotech's SASE solution connects end users to business data via cloud gateways, which filter unauthorised web traffic, cloud-based firewalls, continuous verification to make sure only your remote teams can access your sensitive data.

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Backups and Disaster Recovery

Microsoft don't take responsibility for the data you hold within Microsoft 365. They even recommend that customers back up content and data with a third-party, as they only provide limited backup and data recovery services as part of their standard licensing.

Our Microsoft 365 backup services offer the following:

  • Business Continuity in case of data loss
  • Protection from a range of threats
  • Quick Access
  • Regulatory Compliance
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End User Training

A well-informed team is your first line of defense. That's why we offer comprehensive end user training that is designed to ensure employees have the knowledge and skills to recognise and respond to security threats.

Our end user training covers:

  • Cybersecurity Awareness to educate your team on threats like phishing, malware, and social engineering attacks.
  • Best Practices to teach employees safe online behaviours like strong passwords and avoiding unsafe websites.
  • Incident Response training that equips teams with the procedures to follow if they suspect a breach.

With Mason Infotech’s end user training, you can build a security-conscious culture within your business, significantly reducing the risk of cyber incidents and enhancing your overall security posture.

End User Training (CSAT)

Supporting you at every stage

Cybersecurity is a vital component in our portfolio of services. Our range of services should cover all a business needs to stay safe online.

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We're expert at implementing and supporting IT security solutions and have many delighted clients using our services. IT security is a complex and constantly evolving issue. Our relationships with security vendors Cisco Meraki and ESET allow us to offer world class solutions. Meet the team that can help with all your internet security requirements.

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