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Hosted Voice Telephony

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Communications Made Easy

Access your phone system from anywhere, on any device, with Hosted Voice, supercharging your business and employees with all-in-one communications for office or remote working. Mason Infotech has helped countless businesses migrate to Hosted Voice solutions and benefit from their myriad advantages.

Remote working hosted voice

Change the way you consume and manage telephony services

Hosted Voice gives your business access to a new world of collaboration and meeting possibilities, along with enhanced integration into Microsoft Teams for seamless Unified Communications.

Employees can make, take and collaborate on voice and video calls on any device no matter where they are, encouraging a healthier work-life balance for those wishing to work remotely.

Migrating to a UC (Unified Communications) solution offers remote teams the freedom to work from anywhere with access to a softphone from any browser or machine. Our BroadSoft Microsoft Teams integration has helped businesses adapt to their remote workforces, and hire from a broader pool of talent.

What's more, changing to Hosted Voice doesn't mean starting all over again when it comes to the business. Keep the look and feel of your existing solution and telephone numbers with a reduced total cost of ownership.

Where the business benefits

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Moving to Hosted Voice may seem like a huge task at first glance

From our experience, there isn't a business that we cannot serve using our Hosted Voice telephony solution.

The benefits of increased management information, control and flexibility have been delivered with all the implementations we have undertaken so far.

Hosted Voice solutions are known for their cost efficiency. They eliminate the need for on-premise hardware, reduce call charges, and centralise admin processes. Costs compared to traditional PBX or other VOIP phone service solutions are minimal.

Employee acceptance and adoption have been amongst the best we have ever experienced with any solution we have provided.

Employees will feel empowered

Employees are the real winners with our Hosted Voice solution, with new functionality at their fingertips.

  • Work from anywhere, whenever required
  • 'Click to dial' option through a web browser and integration with CRM applications
  • Choice of 'endpoint' to make and receive calls including traditional handset, pc, tablet and mobile devices
  • Desktop collaboration and conference facilities are readily available to go through Broadsoft applications and optional integration into Microsoft Teams
  • Organise instant or schedule online meetings with ease using your preferred choice of BroadSoft, Microsoft Teams or Cisco's Webex Teams applications
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Why Hosted Voice?

First class service

As a team, we have all worked for much larger enterprises and corporates and have the knowledge, experience and expertise needed to make things happen.

Having said that, because we are a small team, we offer a personalised service. We can keep an eye on the way jobs are being managed through the system, and we make sure our customers get first-class service all the way through.

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Communications made easy

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