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The UK Network is going Digital

The UK's Big Switch Off 2025

The latest from Openreach

Copper out, Fibre in!

All of the UK's Openreach copper network is being replaced with IP (internet based) services delivered over fibre.

Traditional services are being replaced now

All of the UK's Openreach copper network is being replaced with IP (internet based) services delivered over fibre. The copper services delivered through the complex series of ducts under your feet as well as strung between the telephone poles across the UK will cease. This includes standard analogue telephone lines and ISDN services.

But in truth it's already happening today with many regions no longer able to provide any of these analogue and ISDN services now. Of course this isn't just the UK, this is happening globally and businesses worldwide are moving to IP services. The Big Switch Off represents the start of a new journey into the world of Unified Communications and the Internet of Things (IoT), areas we have been working in for some time.

We can help you take the right steps to ensure you benefit from the change to digital technology.

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Taking the right steps

We can help with the right type of internet connectivity. You will need to have the right connectivity, offering low latency and suitable resilience as you move more and more services to internet or cloud based applications.

Let us look over your current services and determine how (and what) they are being used for. Many analogue lines are used for modems, lift services, entrance gates, intruder and fire alarm services. We can help you find cost effective and reliable alternatives for these services.

If you are looking to seize the opportunity to change the way you work we can help bring years of knowledge to you. With over 40 years of experience working across multiple industries we can help you successfully adopt new ways of working.

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Digital Transformation with Unified Communications

Digital Transformation with Unified Communications. Using either Microsoft Teams or Cisco's Broadsoft, (or a combination of both) we can provide a full telephony service that uses Teams or Cisco's Webex client as a 'soft phone'. You're able to make calls direct from your desktop, mobile, tablet or a browser window with ease. All the usual functions are there (just as they are in a standard desk phone), with the added ability to make and receive calls wherever you are.

Features include

  • Instant messaging including file share and video messages)
  • Presence
  • Teams or work spaces
  • Meeting and conference facilities

All in one place!

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