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The UK Network is going Digital

The UK's Big Switch Off 2025

The latest from Openreach

Copper out, Fibre in!

All of the UK's Openreach copper network is being replaced with IP (internet based) services delivered over fibre.

Traditional services are being replaced now

The landscape of telecommunications in the UK is undergoing a monumental transformation known as the "Fibre Roll Out," marking the gradual replacement of the Openreach copper network with IP (Internet Protocol) services delivered via fiber optics. This extensive overhaul encompasses the cessation of copper-based services, including standard analogue telephone lines and ISDN services, which have long been reliant on the intricate network of underground ducts and telephone poles spanning the country.

The process, often referred to as the "PSTN Switch Off" and the "ISDN Switch Off," is already underway throughout the UK, rendering traditional analogue and ISDN services obsolete. This paradigm shift is not unique to the UK but is a global phenomenon, with businesses worldwide transitioning towards IP-based services, heralding the era of Unified Communications and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The onset of the "Big Switch Off" signifies a pivotal juncture, marking the initiation of a new era characterised by digital technology. Embracing this transition opens doors to enhanced connectivity and operational efficiency. As experts in this evolving landscape, we stand ready to guide you through this transition, ensuring that you harness the full benefits of digital technology. Whether it's navigating the complexities of IP services or leveraging advancements in Unified Communications and IoT, Mason Infotech are here to support your journey towards a more connected and agile future.

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Taking the right steps

Mason Infotech is helping business to procure the right type of internet connectivity. You will need to have the right connectivity, offering low latency and suitable resilience as you move more and more services to internet or cloud based applications.

We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your current services, including analogue lines used to modems, lift services, entrance gates, and security systems link intruder and fire alarms. We identify opportunities to transition to cost-effective and reliable alternatives. Mason Infotech's proactive approach ensures your services switch across with no disruption.

If you are looking to seize the opportunity to change the way you work we can help bring years of knowledge to you. Throughout the next few years as the Full Fibre Rollout takes place, there is a huge opportunity to leverage our experience to facilitiate the successful adoption of new ways of working. Whether it's navigating the intricacies of the PSTN Switch Off or capitalising on the advancements in Fibre Broadband Rollout, we tailor solutions to align with your specific requirements and goals.

By partnering with us, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise, empowering your business to embrace innovation and adapt to new connectivity services.

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Digital Transformation with Unified Communications

As a leading VoIP service provider, we specialise in delivering cutting-edge solutions to elevate your business communication. Whether you prefer Microsoft Teams, Cisco's Broadsoft, or a blend of both, we offer comprehensive telephony services integrated seamlessly with your preferred platform.

Our cloud-based phone systems empower your business to utilise Teams or Cisco's Webex client as a 'soft phone,' enabling effortless calling from your desktop, mobile, tablet, or browser window. Enjoy all the familiar functionalities of a standard desk phone, enhanced with the flexibility to make and receive calls anytime, anywhere.

Key features of our VoIP business phone service include instant messaging with file sharing and video messages, real-time presence indicators, collaborative team workspaces, and robust meeting and conference facilities. With everything consolidated in one centralised platform, streamline your communication processes and boost productivity effortlessly.

Amidst the ongoing digital revolution and the imminent PSTN Switch Off, embrace the future of business communication with our cloud-based Unified Communications solutions. Empower your team with seamless connectivity and collaboration tools that drive efficiency and innovation. Partner with Mason Infotech to embark on a transformative journey towards enhanced communication experiences.

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