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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

Protecting businesses with data loss prevention, protection from ransomware attacks, and maintaining business as usual whatever the circumstances.

The NIST Framework

Our BCDR solutions follow the NIST Framework. This framework is a set of guidelines built by cybersecurity profressionals that follows global best practices and industry standards. It is implemented worldwide by both small and large businesses to help protect and recover businesses critical information and data. It runs as follows:

Identify: Identify data that is crucial in ensuring business continuity. This could be billing data, customer information, intellectual property, or employee data, for example.

Protect: Now think about how you might protect this information. You may need firewalls, encryption, multi-factor authentication, or employee cybersecurity awareness training.

Detect: Detecting intruders in your organisation's technology environment is possible with software like EDR, or solutions like a Security Operations Centre. Mason Infotech can help you to determine which of these solutions is best for your business.

Respond: Incident Response protocols help with step by step guides, enacted by trusted experts, to both remove bad actors from your environment and report their actions to relevant authorities.

Recover: Data Backup solutions help to ensure that if you experience a systems failure, or a ransomware attack, you're able to enact your business continuity plan and continue to work as normal.

Backup Solutions

Data backup is an integral element of BCDR solutions, and an alarming 43% of UK businesses don't have their business critical data backed up.

Mason Infotech uses a mixture of Acronis and Microsoft Azure backup solutions. Each business is different, and so our access to both of these Gartner Leading products keeps our client data safe from harm.

Our Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud solution combines backups with security management capabilities, DNS filtering, and anti-ransomware technologies to create a single point of reference for BCDR purposes. For many of our small business users, Acronis helps them to make more efficient uses of their resources and focus more on their customers.

Azure Backup is the Microsoft Azure backup service that helps our clients to protect, back up, and potentially restore data in the Microsoft cloud. With Azure Backup, clients can back up data that is held in on-premise servers, virtualised servers, and all cloud-based applications. The benefits, as always with Microsoft products, is their experience in the marketplace. Microsoft are a Gartner Leader for all of their cybersecurity products, and Azure Backups is no different.

Speak to our experts to understand how these technologies might fit into your current environment.

2 in 5 business don't recover form a major disruption.

Don't let your business be one of them. Our robust BCDR solutions ensure your business operations continue, and your business critical data is safe.

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