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SMT needed the right IT support for the future

SMT needed an IT Infrastructure, security and connectivity that would accommodate the growth and changes the business is experiencing as it develops.

The Business

Smart Manufacturing Technology (SMT) are a Nottingham based business. They provide both; technical expertise and design services, and analysis software for gearbox and transmission systems. Their unparalleled knowledge extends across the full development process for automotive, aerospace, industrial, energy and marine transmission systems.

SMT have grown from a collective of passionate engineers into a global business working with leading international enterprises. They aspire to be the global market leader in mechanical transmission innovation and design.

The Challenge

As SMT continued to rapidly grow in both numbers and locations it was apparent that the existing IT infrastructure and internet access could be a major impediment to the company's growth. Higher internet speeds had to be established quickly, along with the 'in-building' infrastructure to deliver this to the users' desktop. Security, as with any organisation was a major concern. Finally, as new locations were being established both locally and overseas, it was important to connect these in a secure, inter office facility that allowed users to access services wherever they were located.

The Solution

Mason Infotech's partnership with a range of internet service providers allowed SMT to acquire cost effective internet services for all of their UK locations. Currently services carry 1Gbps but this could be extended to 10Gbps if required.

Cisco Meraki's MX range of firewalls have been used to both secure each individual site and to create a network between locations using a Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). This currently covers all UK locations and has been extended out to Michigan in the USA with further plans to extend out to European offices.

To create the office or Local Area Network (LAN) Cisco Meraki's switches and WiFi access points have been deployed. These provide users with managed, efficient access to both internally held applications and the internet as well as providing voice, video and conferencing connectivity.

All components of the solution are easily managed through one portal with access for SMT's own IT support function as well as ourselves. Cisco Meraki licensing ensures cover for hardware failure along with automatic software updates and 3rd line support globally if required.

'From my previous experience in a similar local organisation I was aware of Mason Infotech's capabilities in internet provision, security and managed network provision. After an initial period of investigation at SMT I had no hesitation in employing Mason Infotech to deliver a cost effective, flexible and secure service to SMT'.

Gareth Coleman, IT Executive

Gears Png

SMT now have an IT Infrastructure that accommodates the growth and changes the business is experiencing as it develops.

Individual users now receive a managed service which means they can securely reach internal applications and the internet from any office location. Wi-Fi networks provide a secure internal network and offer guest networks where required.

The Cisco Meraki solution facilitates dynamic growth and change with considerable flexibility. It ensures users get a consistent, high quality and secure service. The management information provided by the Cisco Meraki portal takes all of the guess work out IT Infrastructure provision and support.

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