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Blend and Stewarts of Trent Bridge

An improved customer experience.

Installation of full-fibre, gigabit business internet connection has increased Blend and Stewarts of Trent Bridge's internet speeds tenfold - delivering faster WiFi for their customers and more robust and reliable connectivity for the business.

The business

Located in the rejuvenated Sneinton Market Avenues, Blend is one of Nottingham’s most popular coffee shops. A hub of the community, Blend is well known as a popular day time destination - a place to meet, eat, drink, work and socialise in the heart of Nottingham's Creative Quarter.

Next door, Blend's sister company; Stewarts of Trent Bridge, imports beans from around the world and roasts, grinds and packs them on site, for use at Blend and for distribution to homes and businesses, both locally and across the UK.

The challenge

When Blend moved into their premises in the newly refurbished Sneinton Market buildings in 2017, the unit was serviced by standard broadband.

With the prevalence of remote working and increased mobile phone usage, the venue's broadband often became overloaded, which resulted in slow and unreliable internet connectivity, especially during busy periods. As well as being a poor experience for their customers, many of whom use the venue for remote working and informal meetings, the slow and intermittent connection caused issues with cashless and contactless payment, which slowed down service.

Both Blend and Stewarts of Trent Bridge are headquartered in a mezzanine above the roasters. Unreliable and slow broadband therefore also effected access to cloud systems and wireless networking.

The Blend and Stewarts of Trent Bridge management team knew that a new scaleable, reliable and fast business internet connection was a must in order to both provide a great service to their customers and to ensure the smooth running of the business.

Blend and Stewarts of Trent Bridge Quote
Before we moved to Mason Infotech we used to find that when we had the coffee shop full of people, all using their phone and laptops at the same time, the internet connection would drop.

Monika Hafeli Barton - Owner

The solution

We worked in partnership with business internet service providers ITS Group to revolutionise the business internet access service available to all of the units in Sneinton Market Avenues; installing fibre-optic cabling into the units, providing end-to-end fibre connectivity from the telephone exchange all the way to the premises.

With a ten fold increase in speed and throughput and at a very competitive rate, our gigabit business internet access solution significantly improves services with only minimal increases in price, making them a no-brainer for local businesses of all sizes.

Blend and Stewarts of Trent Bridge were one of the first units on Sneinton Market Avenues to become fully connected. Once commissioned the installation took less than a day and was disruption free.

Blend and Stewarts of Trent Bridge Still

The result

Blend and Stewarts of Trent Bridge gigabit speed business internet access solution supports and enhances both their day to day business operations and the needs of their customers.

In a changing world of cloud computing and remote working, Blend and Stewarts of Trent Bridge are now confident that their internet is reliable and fast enough to support and future proof their growing businesses.

Blend and Stewarts of Trent Bridge Quote
For our customers we want to make it a perfect experience, from the moment they walk in and are greeted by our baristas; they have fantastic coffee and the broadband experience is part of this package.

Monika Hafeli Barton - Owner

Next-generation true-fibre internet access is now available across Nottingham

We offer Gigabit speed services at lower prices than other business internet service providers, while dramatically improving service levels and network reliability.

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