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House Buyer Bureau

House Buyer Bureau

HBB are one of the longest established quick house sales companies in the UK.

Founder members of the National Association of Property Buyers and committed to transparency, HBB's aim is to offer a reliable, consistent and efficient service to its clients.

Launched in 2011 as a team of three, the business quickly grew and Apex Bridging was formed in 2013 to provide funding for investors. By 2015, HBB achieved the completion of over £100m of property sales and HBB Solutions was launched in 2017 to work directly with estate agents and housebuilders. By 2021, HBB had acquired over 2,500 clients and successfully overcome the hurdles presented by the pandemic and remote working.

HBB were one of my first clients as I joined Mason Infotech as a support engineer. It's been a pleasure to help develop the flexible working practices the business needs to perform whilst maintaining a high level of security, most recently implementing multi-factor authentication for all users.

Eric Henderson, Mason Infotech


As HBB grew and the number of customers and staff increased, it became clear that additional IT support was required. Mason Infotech was then a supplier of some of the services required, having provided internet access, security appliances and telephony.

Our bid to manage the desktop and server requirements was accepted by HBB in June 2019 and we've been supporting and developing the use of ICT since. With some 30+ users on M365 and a heavy reliance on both cloud-based CRM applications and more traditional server-based accountancy packages, the business faced all the usual challenges going into the pandemic and developing 'home working' as the norm.

The Challenge

Home working during the pandemic was a major change for most organisations, but for HBB, with the regulatory requirements and the high degree of communications required to conduct business, even more so.

Attracting and retaining new talent during the lockdown had to be achieved remotely to help with the business's expansion plans. Safe storage and controlled access to confidential information were also a must-have for the group.

The Solution

Mason Infotech was able to migrate HBB to M365 to enable easy home working. Microsoft's Office 365 was also provided.

With the additional security options provided with M365 and using SharePoint to create a structured and secure repository for all confidential communications, HBB were able to adopt a very flexible working environment.

Add to this a telephony solution that allowed all employees to continue working at home, or elsewhere, in exactly the same way as if they were in the office. This solution is now providing the required flexibility for people to adopt the hybrid working so many companies are moving to.

Our continued remote management and support services ensure that all PC's, laptops and servers receive the required updates from Microsoft to maintain security and device performance.

We have been impressed with both the professionalism and diligence of all involved from Mason Infotech who continue to help us manage our IT resources. Having both the desktop and infrastructure support under one provider has proven very beneficial.

Claire Harris, HBB

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