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Internet Access

Connectivity at its best

We’ve been providing professional voice and data connectivity services since our inception. Our excellent relationships with major networks and wholesale service providers such as Openreach, Virgin, Entanet and Virtual1 allow us to provide best-in-class internet services that enables business continuity and keeps you connected.

Direct Internet Access

Direct fibre connectivity solutions are the fastest and most capable on the market. Dedicated to your requirements, throughput is guaranteed and they are always provided with business class service level agreements. Speeds are now available up to 10 Gigabits per second. We're expert in providing and supporting this type of internet access.

In some locations we are now able to offer a highly competitive 'Flexible' service that allows you to have a guaranteed 200Mbps service with the ability to flex to 1Gbps if required.

High Speed Broadband

High speed broadband solutions are carried on fibre optic cables, making them more suitable for small to medium sized businesses with more regular usage. Speeds up and downstream can reach up to four times the capability of regular broadband, making it the ideal service for companies who rely on internet connectivity for every day operations.


The broadband solution is the one that most people will have in their homes. Capable of good speeds both up and downstream, broadband is the solution of choice for small business with light to moderate usage requirements.

Supporting you at every stage

Deciding on the type and quality of internet access is a critical element for all businesses in today's ICT environment. We have many years of experience in implementing and supporting these services and can provide expert support through the often complex implementation and support requirements.

Our team

We're expert at implementing and supporting the provision of internet access and have many delighted clients using our services. To the user, it's a simple commodity, but the supply of fibre services can involve many parties and require suitable management experience to ensure requirements are met. Meet the team that can help you with all your internet and business continuity needs.

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Proof of delivery

In a competitive industry, customer retention and loyalty are critical to our success. Most of our clients' stay with us well beyond their initial service period. Many have been with us right from the very start of our business. Here are a couple of examples that demonstrate our approach to service and relationship management.

Let us guide the way

Of course, if you’re not sure which service or solution is best for your business, get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to provide expert advice to help you decide which service you need.

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