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Telephony has been at the heart of Mason Infotech's proposition from the very start of our business. For many it is still what we are known for. Whilst we have grown our portfolio to cover all aspects of IT over the years, we still support the voice requirements for a substantial number of our clients.

We have developed Hosted Voice over a long period of time and have gained a practical knowledge of supporting solutions from all the major vendors including Cisco's BroadSoft and Microsoft's Teams and telephony solutions.

The very fact that these Global vendors are developing hosted voice and collaboration solutions is perhaps the best indication of the importance now placed on the service. During the Covid 19 pandemic the appreciation of both the internet and hosted collaboration services grew exponentially as we were all asked to work from home. Many predict the changes imposed will become part of a permanent change in the way we approach work.

No one can doubt that this period has proven we can change, and that the technology has been a major facilitator in refocusing how we view our world. The implications for our environment as well as our economy are clear for all to see.

Belfor are a greatr example of a long standing client who we have helped migrate to Hosted Voice. View the case study here..

Belfor Hosted Voice

What is Hosted Voice?

What is Hosted Voice?

  • A telephony application housed in multiple, secure data centres.
  • Access to make and receive calls globally over the internet and traditional PSTN networks.
  • Feature rich system and user facilities.
  • Managed through a simple portal.
  • Provision of basic 'dial tone' through to expert collaboration and meeting solutions.

We major on BroadSoft and Microsoft, however all of the major vendors offer the same basic promise; hosted voice replaces your current on premise telephone system and delivers all the same functionality (and more) without the need for on-site equipment.

You will have the ability to make and receive calls to anywhere in the world (if not restricted). Auto attendants, day and night service options, group working and all the usual user features are supported. The real step change for users is in the additional collaboration facilities now at their disposal.

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Why Hosted Voice?

Why Hosted Voice?

  • Delivered over the internet, no specific connectivity such as SIP, ISDN or PSTN required.
  • Can be delivered anywhere the internet is available (and moved to wherever its needed).
  • No investment in hardware or software applications required.
  • No support costs or depreciation payable.
  • Subscription based (monthly).
  • Perpetual software updates.
  • Secure with username and password authentication and fraud control.
  • Simple adoption and retention of current telephone numbers.

Hosted telephony changes the way you consume and manage telephony services in exactly the same way hosted applications have replaced premise based business function solutions such as accounting and crm. The overall benefits are very similar. Very often the total cost of ownership is better than an existing on premise solution, with minimum cost of change and disruption. However, with hosted voice you have the opportunity to open up a whole new world of collaboration and meeting possibilities, along with enhanced integration into Microsoft's 365 and Teams applications.

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Where the business benefits?

Where the business benefits?

  • Changing to hosted does not mean starting all over again. Keep the look and feel of your existing solution and telephone numbers.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Improved business agility and continuity options.
  • Predictable cost model and control.
  • Adaptable for all businesses.
  • Simplified administration.
  • Reduced on premise network requirements.
  • Extend your online meeting and collaboration and invite guests from outside of your organisation to meetings

From our experience there isn't a business that we cannot serve using our Hosted Voice solution. The benefits of increased management information, control and flexibility have been delivered with all the implementations we have undertaken so far. Cost is rarely an issue and implementations can be staged to completely minimise any disruption. User acceptance and adoption has been amongst the best we have ever experienced with any solution we have provided.

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When the User is empowered..

The user is the real winner with our Hosted Voice solution with the following functionality at their fingertips;

  • Choice of 'endpoint' to make and receive calls including traditional handset, pc, tablet and mobile devices
  • Work from anywhere, whenever required.
  • Desktop collaboration and conference facilities readily available to go through Broadsoft applications and optional integration into Microsoft Teams
  • 'Click to dial' option through web browser and integration with CRM applications.
  • Organise instant or schedule on line meetings with ease using your preferred choice of BroadSoft, Microsoft Teams or Cisco's Webex Teams applications.
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How do you evaluate?

The move from your current system to a Hosted Voice solution may seem like a huge task at first glance. Our experience has equipped us with simple processes that shrink the time and effort required to complete both the evaluation and implementation process.

Our starting point is to meet with you (a virtual meeting is fine) to complete the following tasks;

  • Provide you with a complete overview of Hosted Voice, including user cases and a practical run down of how to implement and manage the solution.
  • Walk you through Infrastructure requirements we know are needed to support a successful adoption of the solution.
  • Go through a simple needs analysis process to determine the information we need from you to provide both a like for like comparison with your current system and some idea of how could introduce new technology and applications that can add real benefit to the business.

Evaluation is probably easier than you think. It's free too! We provide this facility as part of our presales requirement so all you have to risk is an hour of your time.

Once we have walked you through this simple process you will have all the information you need to assess the cost and benefits of moving to our Hosted Voice Solution.

Now is as good a time as any.

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Supporting you at every stage

Hosted Voice solutions are developing at an ever increasing pace. It's essential to provide the correct infrastructure to ensure any implementations are successful.

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Supplying Hosted Voice and Unified Communications solutions is in our DNA, it's where we started from over 17 years ago. Broadsoft and Microsoft are core to our portfolio and we continually strive to make sure our knowledge in this area is the best it can be. Meet the team that can help with all your Unified Communications requirements.

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Proof of delivery

In a competitive industry, customer retention and loyalty are critical to our success. Most of our clients' stay with us well beyond their initial service period. Many have been with us right from the very start of our business. Here are a couple of examples that demonstrate our approach to service and relationship management.

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Of course, if you’re not sure which service or solution is best for your business, get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to provide expert advice to help you decide which service you need.

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