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Dark Web Scanning

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Protecting SMB Businesses with Dark Web Scanning

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is the name given to websites that host criminal activity. The majority of criminal activity that affects SMB businesses in the UK would take place on the dark web, and involve the buying and selling of user sign-on credentials. This allows would-be criminals to access business networks and orchestrate the theft of valuable business assets. This can be difficult to spot, as many of these thefts are disguised to look like day-to-day operations.

What this means for businesses is that their employee credentials can become public knowledge at any time. Passwords linked to a business email address, sold online, can open the gateway to potential cybercriminals. To combat this, Mason Infotech conducts dark web scans, which are a crucial step in identifying if any of your user passwords have been compromised on the dark web.

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Dark Web Scan in Action

During one routine dark web scan, we uncovered a single organisation where more than 30 separate users' credentials had been compromised. This included the login credentials for the business bank account. We know that it isn't rare for an individual to use the same credentials for several systems, and so that organisation and its employees were severely at risk.

Luckily, by highlighting to the end users that their passwords were compromised, the organisation was able to take swift action before harm was caused.

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The Process

We're here to guide you through the process. To help businesses understand the dark web and its threats, we've produced an E-Book, which is available below. This resource delves into the intricacies of the dark web, highlights potential threats to SMB businesses, and explains the process and value of running a dark web scan. By identifying threats, this scan can help businesses to inform how a business remediates their weaknesses, and bolster their defences.

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Understanding the Dark Web

The dark web operates as a clandestine marketplace where stolen credentials, illicit transactions, and cyber threats flourish. Our E-Book helps to explain the mysteries of the dark web by providing insights into its structure, how it functions, and the potential risks it poses to SMB businesses. Gain a deeper understanding of the lurking dangers that could compromise your sensitive information and financial assets.

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The Why and How of Dark Web Scanning

Why should SMBs prioritise dark web scanning, and how does it help to build a more robust cybersecurity posture? These questions all form the crux of our E-Book, available above. Explore the step-by-step process of a dark web scan, and equip your business with the knowledge to make informed cybersecurity decisions.

The dark web scan is more than a diagnostic tool. It is a proactive measure to identify potential threats before they materialise.

You can schedule your dark web scan and empower your business with the knowledge to combat unseen threats. By doing so, you're not only safeguarding your organisation but also staying one step ahead of cybercriminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities.

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