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Seamless Azure Migration

Discover seamless Azure Migration with our expert team, ensuring a smooth transition to Azure Cloud Services. Mason Infotech's comprehensive approach guarantees a hassle-free migration experience, optimising customer operations in the Azure Cloud environment. Trust Mason Infotech to navigate the complexities of Azure Migration and harness the full potential of Azure Cloud Services. Embrace the future with confidence, powered by our expertise in Cloud technology. Azure is a versatile platform that helps our clients to improve compliance, scale efficiently, and strengthen their posture to combat cyberthreats.

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Why use Microsoft Azure Cloud?

SMB IT cloud services benefit from Azure's cloud capabilities, incorporating server-based computing and Azure migration. Azure allows Mason Infotech's SMB customers to navigate the complex landscape of compliance with its robust security measured, data encryption, and certifications. Small businesses can benefit from the Azure's in-built flexibility, allowing customers to scale as needed. The nature of the cloud allows businesses to get comprehensive cloud security management and workload protections for your entire IT estate, anywhere in the world.

Migrating and modernising with Azure has proven to return on investment within 36 months, while presenting cost savings of 85% compared to other enterprise data-centre solutions and 54% compared to traditional on-premise solutions.

For those businesses with sustainability at top of mind, Azure has proven to be the environmentally conscious choice, being 93% more energy efficient than on-premise servers.

Explore the diverse use cases of Microsoft Azure, from running virtual machines and containers to hosting databases and providing backup and disaster recovery solutions. With Azure, your IT cloud services can achieve new heights of efficiency and innovation.

Discovering Microsoft Azure AD

Mason Infotech has played a critical role in helping our clients through the Azure journey, ensuring tat every end user reaps the full benefits of Azure Cloud Services.

Azure Active Directory (AD) is the application that helps to centralise identity and access management across your IT environment. Using Azure AD, Mason Infotech has helped business to implement role-based access control (RBAC) and multifactor authentication to improve cybersecurity processes and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

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Seamless, Scalable Implementation

One of the standout features of Microsoft Azure is its ability to scale effortlessly according to your business requirements. Whether you're experiencing sudden spikes in traffic or planning for long-term growth, Azure's flexible infrastructure ensures your applications and services can seamlessly adapt to changing demands. Say goodbye to costly hardware investments and hello to cost-effective scalability with Azure.

Optimise Azure pricing with autoscaling features, ensuring you only use what you need, when you need it.

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Cybersecurity and Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Microsoft's Azure platform also powers the Intune device management tool, which is key for helping remote teams access their required resources wherever they are. Mason Infotech's Intune implementations enable our clients to manage and secure mobile devices and implement advanced threat protection to safeguard their organisations against evolving cyberthreats.

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Benefit from Microsoft Azure today

Partner with Mason Infotech as your Azure Managed Service Provider for a comprehensive and seamless cloud experience. As your dedicated Azure MSP, we ensure that your transition to Azure is not only smooth but also optimised for success. Leverage the robust cloud infrastructure security provided by Azure to safeguard your critical assets and data. Our expertise ensures that your organisation benefits from leading data security in the cloud, with encryption measures and compliance certifications.

Azure's scalability empowers startups and small businesses looking to stay at the forefront of cloud innovations. Migrate with confidence, knowing that Azure's managed services cater to the specific needs of Mason Infotech's small business customers. Maximise your ROI while experiencing costs savings and enjoying support from Mason Infotech's dedicated team.

In a world where sustainability and efficiency matter, Azure is not just a cloud platform; it's the environmentally conscious choice. With Azure, you contribute to a 93% more energy-efficient solution than on-premise servers. Embrace the transformative journey with Azure, where your business can thrive amidst digital transformation, ensuring unmatched growth and accomplishment.

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