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AI In Cybersecurity

AI Readiness Assessment

Using AI to Secure SMBs

EDR and MDR are two security solutions that are used to detect, respond to, and prevent cyber threats and attacks. EDR and MDR us AI to enhance their capabilities and effectiveness. EDR and MDR have slightly different core focusses, and solve security challenges in different ways.

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) is a solution designed to protect endpoints such as desktop machines, laptops, and mobiles. Think of it as the next generation of Antivirus software. EDR software works by collectign and analysing data from endpoints, and using both machine learning techniques and AI to detect, contain, and remediate threats in real time. When compared to traditional antivirus, EDR provides more layers of threat prevention and detection, quicker response times, and improved visibility. EDR Implementations also result in fewer false positives, have better compliance scores, and improved log aggregation.

MDR (Managed Detection and Response) adds a human element to EDR, ensuring 24/7 monitoring and proactive threat hunting across a user's environment. MDR solutions can be considered a Security-as-a-Service solution, as opposed to a software that you install and leave to run in the background. MDR uses AI to collect and analyse data from multiple sources like network traffic, endpoints, and user activity.


Threat Prevention

AI can help to prevent cyberattacks by identifying and blocking malicious activities, such as phishing, malware, ransomware, and denial-of-service attacks. AI can also help to protect sensitive data, such as personal information, intellectual property, and financial records, by encrypting, masking, or anonymising it.

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Threat Detection

AI can help to detect cyberattacks by monitoring and analysing network traffic, user behaviour, system logs, and other data sources. AI can use machine learning and deep learning techniques to learn from historical data and identify patterns, trends, and anomalies that indicate potential threats. AI can also use natural language processing and computer vision to understand and interpret text, speech, and images that may contain malicious content or commands.

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Threat Response

AI can help to respond to cyberattacks by alerting and notifying users, administrators, and security teams about the detected threats. AI can also help to contain and isolate the affected systems, devices, or data, and to remediate and recover from the damage. AI can also help to investigate and analyse the root causes, impacts, and lessons learned from the incidents, and to provide recommendations and feedback for improving security posture and resilience.

AI is a powerful technology that can transform and improve cybersecurity for businesses of all sizes. AI can help businesses to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats, and to leverage the benefits of digital transformation. Mason Infotech is a managed IT service provider that can help you to implement AI cybersecurity solutions for your business, such as hosted voice, internet, cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure. Mason Infotech can also provide you with EDR and MDR technologies, which are two security solutions that use AI to enhance their capabilities and effectiveness. If you are interested in learning more about how Mason Infotech can help you to implement AI cybersecurity solutions for your business, you can contact us here: Get in touch.

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