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What Can Microsoft Copilot Actually Do?


What Can Copilot Do?

Microsoft have labelled Copilot as 'your everyday AI companion. So what does that actually mean? Will it deliver on it's promises to revolutionise work? This article looks at both sides of the AI debate and details what a user can actually achieve with Copilot.

1. Content Creation

We know first hand that content creation can be difficult. Everything you read on this website is written by one man, me, and I also looks after every bit of creative that we put into the world. This can be painful. I've often asked how much there is to say about IT Infrastructure. Copilot has helped to streamline this process, and got rid of 'white page disease'. However, it still requires a person to add some authenticity to the content, otherwise the content you ask to create is the same as everyone else's.

2. AI Sales Tools for Small Businesses

We know sales teams juggle an awful lot of tasks. We work with a lot of sales teams to help remove blockers on their day. Microsoft have pitched Copilot as a virtual sales assistant, and so far, it seems to be delivering. If you need to write a pitch document, Copilot recalls your most recent meeting with the prospect, and can create a document with your value-proposition at its heart. It also suggests follow-up questions, and can help you to refine your messaging before hitting send. One of our early-adopting customers described it as 'like having a sales coach on-screen at all times'.

3. Cybersecurity Made Simple

Small business owners and managers know how vulnerable small businesses are to cyber threats. If you've ready any of our security content, you'll be familiar with this stat: 60% of small businesses who fall victim to cybercrime don't survive the following 6 months. Copilot can act as a digital security guard. It doesn't replace antivirus or EDR software, but it can act as another layer. As a non-expert, you can have a chatbot assistant to help achieve things you previously would rely on a qualified engineer for. Copilot for security can resolve incidents, get device info, view your access policies, and detect risks via chatbot, rather than data logs.

Real-World Use Case

Imagine, if you will, that you're a the owner of a retail shop. As a small business owner, you'll wear every hat, including manager, marketer, customer service team. Copilot can automate the bulk of this work:

Your retail shop thrives thanks to Copilot's versatility. Now come back to reality, and imagine what Copilot could acheive in your small business.

At Mason Infotech, we believe in practical solutions that enhance business efficiency. Copilot isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic partner. Ready to elevate your small business?

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