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IT infrastructure: developing the right solution for your business


In our last article, we spoke about the importance of planning when it comes to building a quality IT infrastructure. A major part of that planning is the identification of key infrastructure requirements for your business.

There are five pieces of this structure that we’ll speak about. Firstly, the Local Area Network requirements. Does your business need access to the internet? If so, will you use WiFi or another route to internet access? How will you store your business data, on site or in the cloud? Finally, what kind of hardware do you require? Knowing the answers to each of these questions will enable you to budget effectively to ensure you develop the right IT solutions for your business.

A Local Area Network (LAN) is a network of devices that connects computers within a limited area. LANs allow computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices to share data, information, and files. Most readers will be familiar with LAN networks, as they are common in offices around the world. Access to LAN networks is often offered via WiFi services. In terms of your own organisation, a LAN network is key for sharing data and enabling communication.

Further to LAN networks, your company will, of course, need access to the internet. It is almost impossible to run a business in 2018 without access to the internet. The real question is how best to access the internet given your organisations need. At this point in time, WiFi is your best bet. Wireless internet access allows your company to run smoothly and effectively while staying mobile. Another internet-related requirement concerns your business data. Storing your information on your premises might seem more convenient and potentially more secure, but don’t discount utilising cloud services. The benefits of cloud services will increase your workforce’s ability to work from anywhere, enabling you to be more flexible in how your organisation works. For internet access you will of course need a router, but more importantly, a firewall. Firewalls will keep your internet connected devices safe while you carry out day-to-day operations and protect you from viruses, or malware.

Hardware requirements are the easiest element of IT infrastructure to plan. There are only a few questions you need to answer, and they are all relatively simple. Firstly, how large is your workforce and what devices do they need? Access to a laptop and a mobile phone is commonplace in today’s working environment. For your LAN network, you’ll need access to modems and switches, and for internet access you will require a router. For the most part, securing these key elements of IT infrastructure will lay the foundations for your organisation to build a solid IT strategy. Taking all of these elements into account will ensure you take full account of your budget requirements and stop you from overspending on needless hardware.

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