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Mason Infotech continue success with Broadsoft Hosted Voice


Working with Broadsoft and Vanilla IP has proved to be a winning formula for Mason Infotech over the last few months. Successes with our hosted voice solution at HBB (Commercial), Purpose Media (Marketing), SV Timber (Timber Merchants) and JB Engineering (Manufacturing) have proven the adaptability of the solution to meet a very broad range of requirements.

With all off the clients we are currently working with, we know the move to hosted voice is a trend that will only grow over the next few years. The functionality of the solution enables users to communicate using traditional desk phones, PC's, tablets and mobiles. Covering single or multiple office locations, homeworkers and mobile workers, the solution greatly simplifies implementation, management and operation compared to both traditional telephone systems and other 'hosted' options.

With the ability to service international locations as well 'import' UK telephone numbers we are yet to be presented with a Unified Communication requirement we can't fulfil. Combine our BroadSoft solution with Cisco's Webex Teams for global video conferencing and collaboration and you have all the applications you need to work smart and keep life simple!

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