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Direct fibre internet pricing. Live on the web!


Pricing for normal 'broadband' service is easy to come by. However, our business clients demand much higher bandwidth than 'High Speed Broadband' can deliver. Pricing and availability of direct fibre internet access is complex. There are a range of factors that can influence what is available to you. We won't go into specifics, but these revolve around your location and the ability of the networks to reach you!

Without exception, todays businesses need quality, managed internet access appropriate to their requirements. For many this is perhaps now becoming more critical than traditional requirements such as road/rail links etc. As an industry, IT suppliers and support companies are perhaps not best known for simple, jargon free advice! It is changing though, slowly, and here at Mason infotech we're happy to play our part in challenging the norm and developing our service.

Through our relationship with CityFibre, we are now able to offer an online service that will help you determine who can provide what to your premises in terms of Direct Internet Access. No need to fill in any forms or appear in someone's sales queue as a potential lead to be spoken 'at' by someone wanting to 'close the deal'. It's free and we hope you find it useful.

It does come with the standard caveat of 'subject to survey' as there is a chance that work might need to be done to reach some premises. However, we are very familiar with provisioning these services and can help advise on all the usual issues that arise. It's also the norm for us to provide internet access as part of a broader requirement involving security, business continuity, communications and desktop support. If you'd like someone to discuss your requirements with, we'd be delighted to be asked to help.

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