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The Big Switch Off

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The Future of Communication: SOGEA and FTTP

As the old gives way to the new, two main options have emerged as replacements for the existing PSTN Infrastructure - SOGEA and FTTP.

SOGEA is a single service that provides high-speed broadband without needing to use landline infrastructure. The benefits of a SOGEA line are faster speeds, increased reliability, and it's elimination of the requirement for a telephone line.

FTTP services are the height of connectivity technology, replacing the traditional copper wires with fibre-optic lines up to the premises. It provides Gigabit-level speeds, reducing latency and ensuring slow connectivity is a thing of the past. Fibre Optic cables are immune to interference and offer consistent performance, making FTTP exceptionally reliable. Adopting FTTP also future-proofs businesses against technological advancements.

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