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We provide connectivity nationwide

Mason Infotech provides business internet connectivity to businesses across the UK. Our access to the nation's major Internet Service Providers ensures we remain competitive, and our relationships with alternative network providers enables us to reach businesses in creative new ways.

Reliable connectivity helps businesses to pave the way for innovation and creative new technologies, scale businesses for growth, and ensure businesses can respond instantly to real-world emergencies. Over the past 20 years, Mason Infotech has helps businesses across the country to make and receive payments, pitch new projects, and embrace new technologies.

Direct Price Comparisons

Since 2021, Mason Infotech has lead the UK market in delivering live price comparisons for business internet. We were the first business in the country to be able to deliver this feature, and our relationships with each provider offers a direct comparison between every available UK service.

With constant developments in service, pricing, and coverage, ours is the most complete internet price comparison service available to the business community.


Direct Internet Access: DIA is a synchronous, uncontested service that delivers internet access from the provider and into the premise. Mason Infotech's DIA solutions deliver a reliable, high-speed service that enables businesses to maintain their competitive advantages.

Business Broadband: Our Broadband services our tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes. Broadband is contested, and speeds can vary depending on physical distance from the exchange. Mason Infotech has three options for Broadband: SOGEA; Fibre; and Mobile. SOGEA is an ideal service for a smaller business, while Fibre connectivity is perfect for businesses running Cloud Based services. Mobile broadband is best for businesses who require flexibility.

Mobile Internet: A truly game-changing option for mobile accessibility. Mobile Internet has moved from a niche service and into the mainstream since the innovation of 5G speeds. In many instances, mobile connectivity can provide higher speeds than traditional ADSL lines. These services enable businesses to flex their mobile data requirements up and down depending on requirements, so whether you're delivering a field-based project or are servicing hard-to-reach locations, our mobile solution helps businesses to stay connected.

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