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We take security seriously

No business is immune to a cyber attack, no matter how secure. It is imperative to understand your vulnerabilities through frequent assessment and penetration testing. Whether your business is entrusted with sensitive personal data, reliant on cloud-based operations, or utilising SaaS products, Mason Infotech's penetration and intrusion testing helps businesses to understand their exposure to threats.

Comprehensive Security Testing for SME Businesses

Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through our meticulously designed pen testing and intrusion testing processes, ensuring that your business remains as secure as possible. When it comes to safeguarding your business against cyber threats, thorough security testing is paramount.

Our cyber security pen testing encompasses a comprehensive approach. It involves targeted attempts to breach various aspects of your system, including applications, APIs, servers, networks, and databases. These controlled testing scenarios are designed to provide a detailed understanding of your current cyber security posture and the flexibility to adapt to evolving threats.

Our main objective during cyber security pen testing is to uncover and analyse any security vulnerabilities your business may face, both now and in the future. This proactive assessment is a vital step in strengthening your digital defences.

Once vulnerabilities are identified, our collaborative efforts kick in to action. We work closely with you to development and implement patches that shield your data from potential attacks. Beyond immediate fixes, we assist you in formulating long-term cyber security strategies. Our focus is on enhancing and securing security controls, ensuring that your business remains resilient in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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Why your business needs a pen test

Every business should consider a penetration test at least once a year, but there are reasons many organisations perform them more frequently.

  • Developing custom applications and APIs
  • Launching new cloud-based products and services (SaaS)
  • If changes have been made to storage and infrastructure
  • Ensuring your business is compliant with security standards
  • Protecting a customer's personal data

Prevent your business from being compromised

Regular pen testing

Minimise risk with compliance

Compliance and security go hand-in-hand.

Whether you're a large or small organisation, if you have access to information such as health, personal data, credit card or legal information from your customers, it is your duty as a business to ensure that it is protected.

Complying with government regulations is a must for all businesses and our penetration testing ensures your security practices align with regulations and work hard to keep your systems secure and minimise the risk of an attack.

Our penetration testing services

Customer testimonial

"Working with Mason Infotech has been very good for us as a business. We have a much better and clearer understanding of our ICT network and have been able to unravel some complex legacy issues."

Ian Bradbeer - Managing Director - Badgemaster

We work with Pentest People

We partner with Pentest People, which is the fastest-growing independent security provider in the United Kingdom.

Their secure portal enables us to identify and manage your business’s security vulnerabilities alongside our Penetration Testing. We only want the best for our customers, ensuring that the tools we use provide the most thorough investigation and testing.

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First class service

As a team, we have all worked for much larger enterprises and corporates and have the knowledge, experience and expertise needed to make things happen.

Having said that, because we are a small team, we offer a personalised service. We can keep an eye on the way jobs are being managed through the system, and we make sure our customers get first-class service all the way through.

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