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Why Buying Work Machines From Amazon Will Cost You More


When purchasing PCs or laptops for their staff, businesses often seek the most cost-effective solution possible. On the face of it, Amazon or other consumer retailers look like a convenient option for purchasing work machines. However, there are several reasons why this route can cost you more in the long run. This article will delve into why buying work machines from high street retailers may not be the most cost-effective choice, while considering factors like the best PC specs for office use, where to buy business laptops, and how to ensure your PC is imaged the second it reaches your new team member.

1. Quality Control

While Amazon and high-street retailers offer a wide selection of products, ensuring consistent quality control can be challenging. Work machines purchased from a consumer-facing store can vary in quality, reliability, and durability, leading to unexpected issues or even failure down the line. At Mason Infotech, we often see cases where two machines with identical specifications perform differently; consumer machines are often made with lower quality materials, as they are not expected to perform the same functions as work machines. Opting for trusted vendors like Mason Infotech, known for our commitment to quality assurance and reliability, ensures that businesses receive work machines built to withstand the rigours of office use, reducing the risk of downtime or a costly replacement.

2. Lack of Business-Specific Support

Retailers primarily cater to the consumer market, which doesn't align to the unique requirements of businesses when it comes to IT hardware procurement. Business laptops and PCs purchased from Amazon won't be supported by a dedicated support team, making it challenging to receive timely assistance or resolution for technical issues. Partnering with a vendor like Mason Infotech, who specialise in business IT solutions, ensures access to tailored support services and expertise, minimising disruptions if you do experience failure.

3. Limited Customisation Options

When purchasing work machines from a retailer, you're limited to pre-configured models with fixed specifications. This lack of customisation options means that you end up paying for features or components that you don't need, often at a higher price tag than the ones you do. In contrast, working with specialised vendors for IT hardware procurement allows you to tailor specifications to your specific requirements. The right PC specs for office work make life a lot easier than trying to run an architecture firm from a gaming laptop.

4. Long-term Cost Considerations

While upfront prices via retailers will appear competitive, it's important to think about the long-term cost implications of purchasing a cheap machine. Most consumer machines that aren't designed for office use will have a shorter life span, meaning you end up replacing the machine within a 3-year period, rather than the 7-year standard for work machines. Investing in business laptops and PCs with the best PC specs for office work from a reputable vendor like Mason Infotech may initially be slightly more expensive, but will save you money in the long term, as your machine will have a much longer lifespan, and improved performance.

5. Value-Add Services

Mason Infotech is one of Nottingham's most trusted specialised vendors offering IT hardware procurement services. This includes assistance with hardware selection, making sure you get the right tool for the job at hand. We also help with configuration, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of your machine after purchase. With Mason Infotech, businesses also have the option of leasing their machinery, extended warranty periods, and trade-in options which help businesses to make sure they're getting the most for their money. Partnering with Mason Infotech ensures that your business is supported comprehensively throughout the lifecycle of your work machines, and you can stop thinking about your work machines as a cost centre, and start seeing active ROIs.

While Amazon and other retailers may offer convenience, buying work machines from their platforms is not the most cost-effective option for businesses. Factors such as limited customisation options, quality control concerns, lack of business-specific support, long-term cost considerations, and the absence of added-value services all contribute to the overall higher cost of purchasing work machines from a consumer-facing vendor. For businesses seeking the best PC specs for office use and optimal value for their IT hardware procurement investments, partnering with a specialised vendor like Mason Infotech remains the superior choice.

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