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WebEx Teams


The collaboration space is now maturing with a whole plethora of products being introduced by equipment manufacturers and networks alike. This is probably the one technology shift in recent times that really can change the way we work and make life easier for all of us.

Services like Skype for Business and Cisco's WebEx Teams offer a real alternative to the traditional email/call me scenario and offer users an extended form of communication that incorporates video, speech and screen sharing across whole teams of people, inside and outside of the business. You can use it in the meeting room, on a laptop, tablet or mobile.

It's no surprise that most of these services come from the 'cloud'. What this really means to you is that you can acquire service on a monthly license with no long term commitments, minimum hardware purchases, no support agreements or upgrade costs. It really is that simple to acquire and consume the service.

We've decided WebEx Teams is the right choice for our business and for our clients. The pedigree is excellent with Cisco bringing together world class services from WebEx, Spark and (hopefully , soon to be announced) Broadsoft to offer a solution that is simple to use across meeting room, desktop, tablet and mobile.

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