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Using the 'Report Message' Button in Outlook


How to use the 'Report Message' button in Outlook

If you've received emails you're not sure about, Outlook has a feature to help you report it. Whether its a message about a delivery but you didn't order a package, or someone impersonating your CEO, there's a new feature in Outlook to help you report suspicious emails. All you have to do is the following:

Email Ribbon

If you are ever concerned about emails, always report them. If you think an email might be spam or phishing, use the Report Message button as above. You can report as many suspicious emails as you like, and it's always better to report an email if you're not 100% sure, your IT team or MSP can always check. Make sure not to click any links in emails you're not sure about, and don't forward them on. If you have clicked links, make sure to change your password straight away.

Here's a helpful video from McGill University about where to find the Report Message button:

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