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Survey indicates many organisations would fail GDPR audit


GDPR passed on 25 May of this year, but nearly one third of companies have not readied their organisations for the EU’s latest set of data regulations. Imperva, the cybersecurity authority, released this number after conducting a survey which also found that many companies aren’t sure on what the regulations state, or how to comply with them.

Imperva have stated that organisations who were slow to prepare for rollout of GDPR regulations are now realising that they can’t become compliant overnight. There is a huge lack of confidence in organisations in their GDPR compliance, highlighted by less than half of organisations surveyed saying they believe they would pass a GDPR audit.

However, when it comes to personal data issues, organisations are more confident that they are aware of where they personal data lived on their system, and say they are able to deal with individuals who request access to personal data they hold. 57% of them said they had already dealt with such requests.

Another positive aspect of GDPR’s wider affect on the business environment is that the ICO has noted a fivefold rise in self-reported data breaches. Under GDPR, organisations must report data breaches within 72 hours of becoming aware of them. In June 2018, the first full month of GDPR enforcements, there were 1,792 self-reported breaches, five times more than in April. These figures reveal that the new regulations are causing organisations to hand over data breaches to the authorities, improving data security across the web.

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