Mason Infotech - Proud sponsors of St Mary's Church! | Mason Infotech

Mason Infotech - Proud sponsors of St Mary's Church!


So back in September my wife and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.

Unable to celebrate in the usual way due to lockdown we revisited all the places in and around Nottingham that meant something to us, including St Mary's Church at Radcliffe on Trent, where we were married.

Unknown to my wife, I organised what I thought was a quick blessing from the current Vicar, if he was available. What we got was a full on recommitment of our vows, delivered incredibly well by Canon Mark Tanner. Wife is in tears of delight and yours truly amassing a huge number of brownie points into the bargain! It was incredible.

Mark asked what we did for a living and when he realised we were 'tech' mentioned his inability to get internet into the church and the frustration this was causing. A little bit of digging around revealed an old telephone line and two months on we are now providing a decent internet service free of charge to the church.

Probably a bit rich to claim that we are delighted to be sponsoring the almighty, but we are delighted to be putting a little bit back into our local community! Mason Infotech, proud sponsors of St Marys, Radcliffe on Trent!