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Microsoft Select Mason Infotech Project for Whitepaper


Mason Infotech Have Been Selected for Whitepaper

Mason Infotech have been helping businesses to learn, adopt, and engage with Microsoft Copilot since it's launch for small businesses in January of this year. So far, we've helped businesses to find value in using Copilot for SMB, saving end users an average of an hour per work week. Many of our customers have approached us with questions around how best to use AI for small businesses, and so we are proud to have been chosen my Microsoft to highlight one such case.

Microsoft has recently chosen Mason Infotech to feature in a whitepaper detailing our work with Evenlode Investments during their deployment of Microsoft Copilot for 365. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of our collaboration with Evenlode Investments, highlighting the key stages of the project and the impact it has had on their operations.

Pre-Deployment Phase
Before rolling out any technology solution, thorough planning and preparation are essential. Here’s how we approached the pre-deployment phase:

1. Needs Assessment
We conducted an in-depth needs assessment with Evenlode Investments. This involved understanding their existing processes, pain points, and desired outcomes. By aligning our goals, we could tailor our solution to meet their specific requirements.

2. Solution Design
Our team worked closely with Evenlode to design a comprehensive solution. We considered factors such as scalability, security, and integration with existing systems. The result was a robust plan that addressed their unique challenges.


To make sure that each member of the team found value in Copilot, we prepared an effective training programme for several key teams. Here’s how we ensured Evenlode’s team was well-prepared:

1. We conducted personalised training sessions for Evenlode’s staff within 5 distinct teams. These sessions covered both technical aspects and best practices. By tailoring the content to their roles, we maximised engagement and knowledge retention.

2. Training never ends after the initial sessions. We continue to provide ongoing support, answering questions and addressing any issues that arose during implementation. This approach has helped to build confidence and competence among Evelode's employees.

End-User Adoption

The true measure of success lies in how well the solution is embraced by end-users. Here’s how Evenlode Investments achieved high adoption rates:

We collaborated with Evenlode’s leadership to create a change management strategy. Clear communication, stakeholder involvement, and user feedback loops were essential components. By managing expectations and addressing concerns, we facilitated a smooth transition.

The collaboration between Mason Infotech, and Evenlode Investments exemplifies successful project execution. By focusing on pre-deployment planning, comprehensive training, and end-user adoption, we achieved positive outcomes for Evenlode. As we continue to innovate, we look forward to more impactful partnerships in the future.

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