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Mason Infotech's Tech Team Achieves Remarkable Net Promoter Score


NPS score of 96 for Q1-Q3 of 2023

Elevating client satisfaction to new heights

The Net Promoter Score is a widely recognised metric for gauging customer loyalty and satisfaction, and it has become a gold standard for SMB businesses across various industries. Mason Infotech is absolutely delighted to share that our NPS results for Q1-Q3 of 2023 reached an impressive 96, displaying the unwavering satisfaction of clients who have benefitted from our comprehensive IT support and services. This outstanding achievement reflects Mason Infotech's relentless commitment to client satisfaction, fortified network security, and unrivalled IT support services.

Stephen Mason, Managing Director, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, stating, 'This exceptional NPS score is a testament to our team's dedication to delivering top shelf IT solutions and support. We are proud to see that our clients recognise and appreciate the value we bring to their business.'

Leading the way in network security

As cyber threats continue to evolve and present SMB businesses with new challenges, Mason Infotech remains t the forefront of cybersecurity innovation. Our commitment to enhancing network security and safeguarding clients from online threats has contributed significantly to our impressive NPS score.

While more sophisticated cyber threats continue to develop, Mason Infotech continues to invest in bleeding edge technologies and employs a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Our cybersecurity services go beyond traditional measures, and ensure that our clients are equipped with robust defences against the latest online risks.

The power of comprehensive IT support

The success of our recent NPS survey is rooted in our comprehensive IT support and services packages. Specialising in IT helpdesk services, cloud infrastructure management, and tailored solutions for small businesses, Mason Infotech has consistently demonstrated our ability to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

'Our team understands that each client is unique, with distinct IT requirements. We take price in our ability to provide customised solutions that empower small businesses to embrace the capabilities of their technology environments,' remakred Al Footitt, Senior Technical Officer.

A glimpse into Mason Infotech's Services

  1. IT Helpdesk Services: Mason Infotech offers responsive and efficient IT helpdesk services to ensure that clients receive timely assistance for their technical issues. With a team of skills professionals, we resolve problems swiftly, minimising downtime and optimising productivity.
  2. Cloud Infrastructure Management: We recognise the importance of cloud technologies for SMB businesses, and excel in managing cloud infrastructures. We help clients to harness the power of the cloud, enabling them to scale operations seamlessly and access resources with unparalleled flexibility.
  3. Tailored Solutions for Small Business: Small businesses face unique IT challenges, and we are dedicated to addressing them. Mason Infotech provides affordable and tailored solutions that empower small businesses to compete in the digital landscape without compromising on security or efficiency.

Future-forward approach to IT support

As we celebrate the remarkable NPS score, we remain focused on our mission to provide IT support & solutions that work. The recognition serves as a motivation to continually improve and innovate, ensuring that clients receive the highest standard of support in a constantly changing technological landscape.

Recognised among top cybersecurity companies

The exceptional NPS score further solidifies our position as a leader among MSPs in the SMB space. Our holistic approach to cybersecurity, encompassing proactive threat monitoring, secure network architecture, and employee training, has garnered acclaim from clients and industry experts alike.

Commitment to excellence

Mason Infotech is more than just a service provider; we're a partner in the success of our clients. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond achieving high NPS scores - it is ingrained in every aspect of our operations. The achievement of a Net Promoter Score of 96 is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire Mason Infotech team.

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