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Mason Infotech Partner with Microsoft to launch SMB AI product


Bringing AI to SMB with Copilot

Since its launch, Mason Infotech has been using Microsoft Copilot to help small businesses to compete with larger and more established players in their respective markets, adapting to changing customer requirements and the turbulence we have seen so far in the 2020s. Small businesses have needed to be agile, innovative, and efficient all at the same time, which can be challenging in SMB world where resources are stretched.

We have helped businesses to implement AI programmes that harness the powerful technology and bring about transformations in how they operate and grow. So far, we have helped businesses to automate tasks, optimise processes, generate insights, enhance customer experience, finding new value in existing processes. AI can help small businesses do more with less, and do it better and faster.

So how do small businesses access and leverage AI? So far, Mason Infotech has found the answer to be Microsoft Copilot. Copilot is an AI-powered tool that has enabled our clients to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on their clients. The Copilot implementations we have worked on so far have been a result of direct collaborations between ourselves, our end users, and Microsoft.

The technology itself uses the same platform as Chat GPT, the consumer-focused AI chatbot. Copilot implementations go a step further, understanding the context and intent of the user, and utilising company data within your Microsoft tenant. This helps businesses to keep their IP safe while producing relevant, personalised, and specific outputs. What this means is that SMB businesses can have secure access to a generative GPT without sacrificing their privacy or data security.

So far, Mason Infotech implementations of Copilot have helped businesses with the following:

You can learn more about AI Implementations here.

Accessing Copilot for SMB

If you are a small business owner or employee, and you want to try Copilot for yourself, here are the next steps:

We are excited and proud to bring Copilot to small businesses, and we hope you are too. We believe that Copilot can help small businesses unleash their potential and compete on the big stages.

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