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Is your business ready for home working?


If there was ever a time to review how your business could survive through major interruptions to routine travel, whether caused by flood, fire, supply chain issues, pandemic or Government imposed travel restrictions, now might be a good time? And we can help!

Having been at the forefront of 'homeworking' through personal experience for over thirty years we are well positioned to be able to advise on a number of issues. Technology has a huge role to play in the successful transition of traditional office or desk based roles to 'remote working', but there are the challenges of security, task management, collaboration, team working and employee welfare to consider.

It was only a few years ago that remote working would only really be considered for those employees that needed to be close to clients or prospective clients, salespeople and engineering support being the two 'classic' business areas. Very often, technological support was limited to mobile phones, 'VPN' connections back to services and applications located back at Head Office. All quite primitive compared to what can be achieved today.

Apart from roles directly linked to a physical location or activity such as manufacturing or production, almost any function or role can be completed from anywhere today with a little help from technology. Adoption and running costs are no longer a barrier to the introduction of home, or more accurately remote working. In fact, there can be huge benefits for both the business and the employee in terms of cost reductions, reduced commute times, improved productivity and employee welfare.

Factors such as isolation, loneliness, distraction, facilities and job management need to be considered for those tasked with working remotely. Likewise, organisations will need to ensure operations remain consistent and manageable. Security is also a major consideration, not just from a technology perspective but also from ensuring employees understand how any compliance restrictions affect where they work from and how they communicate.

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