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Remote Working - Unified Communications with Broadsoft and Microsoft Teams


The most common request we have received in the last few days is obviously the need to relocate employees from the office and enable remote working.

The help we can provide will depend on where you are starting from, in terms of your current telephony platform and IT Infrastructure and the level of call handling and collaboration/conferencing you need.

We can help with the following:

Simple diversions can be completed relatively quickly and are going to be effective in ensuring inbound calls to your business are answered. Once the call has been diverted there is little you can do other than answer it and perhaps take a message for the intended recipient. If you do divert to mobiles then it is worth testing this to determine if calls go to the system or mobile voicemail if the call is unanswered.

Simple Phone (UC -One Trio) For remote/home workers we can provide a simple solution that gives users the following:

All of this can be achieved using a mobile or desktop app and can be acquired on a 30 day subscription.

The mobile solution can be acquired for £11.49 per month and the combined mobile/desktop application for £12.99 per month. Both solutions will be available for download and we can talk you through configuration and set up.

The above also comes with a simple audio conference bridge that supports up to 300 users at any one time.

Broadsoft and Microsoft Teams

The simple phone above is part of a larger set of Unified communications and collaboration tools. We can use traditional handsets, laptops, mobiles and the Microsoft Teams application to provide a complete Unified Communications or telephony solution. It works in much the same way as your office based system, but we will need to understand more about how your business wants to work in this way. A short conversation will provide us with the information we need to provide you with an accurate proposal. Click for more details on how we can link to Microsoft Teams.