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Fast, Reliable Internet with added Flexibility


Ethernet Flex 1Gbps is a highly cost effective form of full fibre Internet access connectivity for businesses looking to balance exceptionally high speed with price while retaining critical reliability.

Businesses increasingly relying on cloud computing and remote solutions need an Internet connection that supports their growing bandwidth requirements.

The Ethernet Flex 1Gbps product has a guaranteed committed information rate of 200Mbps - both up and down - and can burst up to a peak of 1Gbps. This is an ideal product for businesses that want to maintain an exceptionally fast connection and accommodate occasional or periodic need for more bandwidth at no extra cost.

Having a pure fibre connection directly into the business premises gives access to gigabit-capable speeds without the potential bottleneck found in copper EFM and - only partly-fibre - FTTC/GEA connections. As a result, benefiting from increased efficiency and productivity. Full fibre services are also less susceptible to the effects of bad weather, experience fewer incidences of theft and are unaffected by electrical interference.

The access technology is effectively managed by splitting and continuing the pure fibre connection to no more than 8 business customer premises. This approach delivers a consistently reliable service even in the near impossible event that all of the connections are used simultaneously at their maximum.

Key features

✓ Guaranteed speeds up and down of 200Mbps and no need to request bandwidth upgrades via a portal

✓ Burst up to 1Gbps whenever you need to, at no extra cost

✓ Growing availability in UK cities

✓ Delivery typically in 65 working days

✓ Comprehensive 100% SLA 5 business hour return to service guarantee

✓ 24/7 UK support

✓ Unlimited usage

How it Works


Ethernet Flex 1Gbps is an extremely effective way for businesses to benefit from the exceptionally high speed and reliability provided by a full fibre connection, at a relatively low price point compared to other access methods. As such it is positioned between hybrid fibre/copper or FTTP broadband and more costly fibre Ethernet options such as dedicated leased lines.

As a full fibre service akin to a fibre leased line, the Ethernet Flex 1Gbps solution provides essential benefits to businesses. Unlimited usage, and the absence of upgrade charges and downtime when accessing up to Gigabit speeds gives the flexibility; while the comprehensive Service Level Agreement, rapid return to service guarantee and 24/7 UK support from technical specialists underpins the need for reliability and connected confidence.

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