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Supercharging Microsoft Teams with PBX Telephony

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Use Microsoft Teams for all your telephony and let Cisco manage the load!

Combining the best of two industry giants, it's probably the best Unified Communications solution in the world (sounds like something a certain beer brand might say, eh?)

With nearly 40 years of industry experience, we believe this is the best solution we have seen in a very long time, by combining the best of both worlds: call management and user interface.

Microsoft has proven with 'Teams' that they are the masters at producing world-class user applications. Perhaps less visible is Cisco's global capability to provide and manage telephony in its broader sense, managing, controlling and reporting on Unified Communications with its Broadsoft service.

Pre-pandemic, Microsoft Teams was serving 32 million daily active users, which climbed to a staggering 75 million in just a few short weeks. Over the last two years, Teams usage has jumped to 145 million daily active users, and as businesses continue to keep working home as an option, it’s only becoming more popular amongst flexible-working companies.

Demand might have been at its highest in 2020 but it’s continued to grow and with it, there’s been a need for more services to advance Teams’ offering for different user needs. As an indispensable tool for so many and with remote working revolutionising chat, sharing screens and files, persistent workspaces, video calling and virtual meetings—amazingly, Teams can still be made even more useful.

It’s possible to phone someone on Teams but only if they are fellow Teams users, as standard you cannot use Teams to phone a regular phone number.

At Mason Infotech, we can integrate Teams with our cloud-based Broadsoft PBX solution so that you can use Teams as your phone system whilst leaving the Teams user experience unchanged. It doesn’t matter if the Teams user is sitting behind their laptop, using Teams on a mobile device or has a phone on their desk.

What’s more, if employees aren’t on Teams or are using other tools and platforms, we can build you a fully integrated system, including call recording and reporting, hunt groups, auto attendants, contact centre solutions, CRMs and more.

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