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Bringing the Creative Quarter up to speed


Working in partnership with ITS Technology Group, we’ve revolutionised the internet service available to businesses in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter over the past few years.

Nottingham’s Creative Quarter is a space that attracts and supports independent creative and digital businesses. The mix of retail, bars, restaurants, cafés, galleries, art cinemas and theatres, makes for a thriving and busy Quarter.

Before we introduced full-fibre internet, the area was poorly served with slow internet speeds, which proved to be a massive barrier to businesses in the Quarter.

In 2020, we increased their internet speed tenfold (from megabits to gigabits!), giving businesses everything they needed to thrive in the Creative world. However, since the pandemic and the changing landscape of the digital space, further transformations have been required to continue Nottingham’s regeneration working at pace.

Since, we’ve delivered full-fibre gigabit internet connectivity with 10Gb internet speeds to the Creative Quarter, further empowering businesses with what equates to a 400-fold increase in internet speed!

The real benefit is the consistency of service and the ability to cope with real-time Cloud-based services. That means the Creative Quarter can now facilitate connectivity for security services such as CCTV, which was previously restricted by poor internet access from their previous broadband service and provider.

What’s more, costs for full-fibre internet have come scaling down which makes exceptional internet speed more available to all. That means a massive increase in speed and reliability for a massive drop in price, especially given the locality and prevalent student accommodation needing to access better internet connectivity.

If you’re looking to supercharge your business with full-fibre internet, get in touch, and we can advise on the best IT infrastructure and internet connectivity for better business and more opportunities.

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With bigger demands on internet connectivity at business premises, having the best IT infrastructure connecting us to the world and our customers is key for better business and more opportunities.

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