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Adopting AI - is it Secure?


How to Secure Your Environment for Copilot

Integrating Copilot can be a transformative step, but comes with its own security considerations. Mason Infotech specialises in addressing these concerns pre-deployment, ensuring that small businesses can deploy with confidence.

Mapping M365 Applications

Mason Infotech begin by securing your Microsoft 365 applications. By mapping apps like SharePoint, Outlook, and Teams, we create a secure environment for Copilot deployment. This process involves configuring permissions, protecting data, and ensuring that Copilot can interact with these applications without compromising security.

Server Infrastructure

Most small businesses have a mix of on-site and cloud-based servers running their main business applications. To ensure your data is secure, Mason Infotech assess your server set up to identify and remediate any vulnerabilities that may effect Copilot, or make data breaches more likely. Ensuring servers are secured and updated can be the difference between a successful deployment or a failed launch.

3rd Party Applications

Some businesses will want to use Copilot Studio to integrate Copilot into third party apps. Where this is the case, Mason Infotech evaluates these applications for compatability and security risks, ensuring they can work harmoniously with Copilot while maintaining a secure boundary.

If you're not looking to integrate, it's still worth understanding how you interact with your third party applications to ensure they're secure.

Entra ID Evaluation

Entra ID (the new name for Azure Active Directory) powers Identity policy within the M365 tenant. It is important to understand the structure of Entra ID Groups, and ensure access permissions are set correctly, before deploying.

Microsoft Secure Score

The Microsoft Secure Score is a benchmark for security posture. Mason Infotech helps businesses understand and improve their score, leading to a more secure environment for Copilot’s deployment.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention Policies are essential in safeguarding against data breaches. Mason Infotech assists businesses in implementing these policies, ensuring that Copilot operates within a framework that prevents data leakage.

Conditional Access

Conditional Access Policies, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), add an extra layer of security. Mason Infotech guides businesses through setting up these policies to protect against unauthorised access to Copilot and related systems.

Data Retention Policies

Finally, Data Retention Policies are critical for compliance and data management. Mason Infotech helps businesses establish policies that align with legal requirements and operational needs, ensuring that data is handled responsibly in the AI-enabled environment.

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