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Affordable business continuity

Internet access is critical for every business we work with. Technological developments have bought higher quality, robust internet services to our clients using fibre and most enjoy trouble free, reliable service all year round.

Businesses have grown increasingly reliant upon the internet. Very often a single connection will carry all the voice, video, administrative and production data requirements for a business. Fantastic while its working OK, but how would the business cope if connectivity to the internet was interrupted or unavailable for an hour, a morning, a day, or even longer?

Back up or continuity options can be limited and prove expensive, but with our new service we provide a simple, cost effective solution for continuity that can be managed and will not break the bank!

Your in control

Using the latest 3G, 4G and 5G technologies we can now offer the following;

  • A flexible, low start tariff that you can control and increase/decrease (on a monthly basis) to meet any extraordinary requirements.
  • One single connection that will automatically connect to the best network available in the area, utilising the coverage and power of all the major UK and International networks.
  • Provide usage alerts to put you in control of how much data you use and when, preventing 'bill shock!'
  • Fully managed through your own dedicated portal with optional 'add-ons' for network routing and security.
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A real business enabler

Backing up an existing service and providing business continuity is just one way you can use our mobile connectivity. Here are some other practical applications our clients have used the service for,

  • Temporary locations such as construction site offices.
  • Pop up retail stores or market outlets.
  • New office/branch locations awaiting install of permanent services.
  • Homeworking, replacing or complimenting home broadband.
  • Home schooling and temporary education centres

Keep your business secure and focused

If you need extra assurance and need to meet standards for safeguarding and compliance we can offer additional security. You can:

  • Set exactly what you want users to access on the Internet and when.
  • Add policies that grant access by users, groups, or even time of day.
  • Use regularly updated content lists from the IWF and CTIRU to comply with government policies.

All of this helps keep the business or organisation compliant, users safe and on task, ensuring your connectivity is being used for its intended purpose. Compatible with all mobile devices and compliant with organisations like Ofsted, you can visualise activity in real time and schedule detailed reports on a single platform.

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