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End User Training

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End user Adoption and Prompt Engineering Training

When business make the decision to deploy Copilot, end-user adoption can be make or break. Prompt-Engineering can be crucial for optimising Copilot's performance. We provide comprehensive training for your end users, empowering them to craft effective prompts that yield precise and valuable outputs. Our hands-on approach ensures your team can confidently navigate and utilise Copilot to its fullest.

End User Adoption

  • Role Base Training. Different users have different needs, so we provide tailored sessions. This way, each user gets hands-on training and ample opportunities to practice using Copilot in realistic scenarios for their role.
  • Ongoing Support and Resources. Training doesn't stop once the initial sessions are complete. We provide ongoing support through a variety of channels. Our goal is to ensure that users have access to the assistance they need.
  • Feedback Loops. We establish feedback loops for collecting user feedback on Copilot performance. This helps us to tailor our support as you use Copilot for 365.
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Prompt-Engineering Training

  • Understanding AI Interactions. We begin by educating users on the fundamentals of how Copilot works. This knowledge helps them understand the importance of clarity and context in their prompts.
  • Crafting Effective Prompts. Users learn techniques for writing clear, concise, and specific prompts that yield the best results from Copilot. This includes framing questions, structuring commands, and providing relevant context to ensure Copilot understands and executes the intended task.
  • Iterative Refinement. Prompt engineering is an iterative process. We train users on how to evaluate Copilot’s responses and refine their prompts to improve the quality of interactions over time.

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