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<h1>Xima Release new Call Centre Functionality</h1>

Xima Release new Call Centre Functionality

Xima have just released new functionality on the highly succesful Chronicall application utilising the Avaya IP Office. This includes Skills Based Routing and Queue Call Back.


Below is a summary of the key benefits. For more information please contact us on 0115 9408040.


Skills Based Routing:


An advanced and more effective way to route calls to agents based on their skill group and skill level. In Chronicall Multimedia, you may create as many skill groups as you desire and place as many agents into the skill groups as you need. Calls can be routed based on; most idle agent, linear, or in a circular call distribution or more importantly, by determining your best skilled agents across all skill groups by using our algorithm: Intelligent Highest Skill First. Xima Chronicall Skills Based Agent License is loaded with capabilities including:


Skill Groups:

Create an unlimited amount of skill groups to fit your business needs. Using Xima’s Intelligent Highest Skill First routing rule you ensure that your customer gets to the appropriate personnel in a timely manner.

Active State Controls: Provide supervisors with the ability to control agents’ state from the convenience of their desktop PC, via Chronicall. This will enable call center supervisors to log agents in and out of their skill groups, place an agent into a Not Ready state or manage calls in queue.


Agent Desktop:

Agents are empowered through Agent Desktop to log in and out of their respective skill groups, place themselves in a not ready state, or continue their after call work (ACW) time to ensure they finish up their process before moving on to the next call.

Queue Call Back:

Customers no longer have to wait in queue. Queue Call Back enables customers to wait in line without having to wait on the phone. When their time is up, the system will call them and connect them with an agent.

Cradle to Grave Interface: Chronicall’s unique Cradle to Grave interface allows you to drill down on all this new data. Determine how your agents are doing, when are your peak call times, and if customers are using queue call back and how has that improved their experience.


10 April 2017 | Unified Communications
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