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<h1>Ransomware, a quick guide</h1>

Ransomware, a quick guide

Ransomware does exactly what it says. It installs itself covertly onto your computer or server, executes or runs a programme that  then encrypts selected files on the PC or server. A ransom payment is then demanded to either decrypt the files and stop them being destroyed or published. And yes, ransomware is used to attack mobile devices as well as fixed network devices such as your computer and server. The short video below from ESET provides a great, simple explanation.


Initially developed in Russia, ransomware is now International. High profile ransomware examples include CryptoLocker and CryptoWall. These were estimated to have accrued $3m and $18m respectively before taken down by authorities. Wikipedia should provide you with all the detail you require if you want to delve a little deeper!


What can you do about Ransomware?


Delivery of the ransomware is normally from files attached to emails or rogue web sites, so educating all users to treat suspicious emails with care and browse carefully is a starting point. Making sure all operating and application software is up to date will also help.


Perhaps the two key areas all businesses can invest is anti-virus software and a 'Next Generation' firewall that is configured and managed correctly. Both of these services can continually look to update themselves on new threats from a global perspective, helping to keep out intruders. Eset's Nod32 anti-virus and Cisco's Meraki firewalls are our chosen services. Both are global, enterprise strength market leaders in their field.


Of course if your data has been compromised then a good backup service to cloud storage will help you instantly restore information. Microsoft, Google and many others offer services that can help with this.


If you would like any further information on how we can help keep your business safe, please call on 0115 9408040 or email


16 January 2017 | Office Networks, Connect & Secure, Professional Services , Hosting & Cloud Solutions
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