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<h1>Need to connect offices?</h1>

Need to connect offices?

Need to connect your Offices together?
We have established a number of Virtual Private Networks using Mutli Protocol Label Switching for our clients and there's some very good reasons why this technology is proving so popular. If your business operates over more than one location, this network solution is worth consideration. Here's why;
Easy to Deploy
Our clients are provided with a managed service without the need to invest in or support complex hardware requirements.
Performance and Reliablity
The technology used, 'protocol' labelling, allows data to be routed and managed across a network in a way that differentiates between different types of data. This simple routing reduces complexity, improves network speed and allows us to differentiate between protocols, assigning priority to time sensitive and important applications and demoting those that are less time critical.
Company information transferred between sites is done so using a 'private' network with internet access for the whole enterprise restricted to one or two managed gateways using firewalls configured to your requirements. This avoids the need for multiple links using the public internet and keeps your data 'in house.'
Management Information
The network can be pro-actively monitored and reported on to ensure consistent performance and help identify any potential network congestion or failure. Reliability and performance can be proven to provide the organisation with a solid network foundation on which to build.
Facilitates the 'Converged' network
As the name suggests, 'multi protocol' label switching allows all types of traffic to be managed across the same network, reducing the need for multiple networks for say, voice and data. Simplifying the design and support requirements of the network helps contain costs and improve business continuity.
The MPLS virtual private network is a fairly easy concept to understand. The technology isn't new either, it's been around for a while. The recent price reductions and availability of higher speed 'fibre' circuits are now making this type of network cost effective and easier to deploy for many organisations. MPLS is an affordable solution for any small to medium business that wishes to enable its workforce to communicate securely and efficiently between sites, staff, suppliers and customers. Mason Infotech can help you take advantage of the benefits of using MPLS networks. For further information, please contact Stephen Mason. We'd be delighted to help you assess the suitability of this technology for your business.

19 March 2016 | Unified Communications, Office Networks, Connect & Secure, Hosting & Cloud Solutions
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