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Hosted Telephony

Hosted Telephony
Mason Infotech's hosted solution is based on Broadsoft's 'Broadcloud' business solution. With well over 15 million business lines in use globally today the service is experiencing phenomenal growth. Broadsoft's Market share (41%) is currently three times greater than their nearest competitor and the solution is truly world class.

Analysts are predicting that hosted telephony will surpass traditional telephony by 2020 in terms of users/lines. This is a trend we ae seeing already, particularly now we have a simple, easy to understand proposition that facilitates our clients migrating from 'handset' based telephony to 'Unified Communications' incorporating video, conferencing, desktop sharing and mobile communications.

Based on BT's core network and utilising the global experience and resources of Broadsoft, you can be assured your business will be using the very best available.

Mason Infotech's Hosted Telephony includes:
• Business Telephony features and functionality
• Mobile Unified Communications enabling corporate control over mobile phones and the convenience of desk phone features on employees mobile devices
• Integrated Call Center, Conferencing and Messaging functionality
• Built-In Video Telephony and Video Business Services using BroadWorks Multimedia
Integration with Enterprise Applications like CRM, ERP, and vertical apps

Polycom IP Telephony Handsets
Hosted IP Telephony Handsets for all applications.

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