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As the UK's leading and largest manufacturer of name badges the company provides a service to over 30,000 clients including many of the UK's leading retail, leisure, travel, hospitality and care businesses such as the NHS, TUI, Costa, Nando’s and many more.

Established in 1992, the business has evolved organically from its Nottinghamshire base and is proud of its heritage and of its Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen as Manufacturer of Staff Name Badges.

Badgemaster is an incredibly busy organisation that relies heavily on IT. It's been really satisfying to see how we've started to move away from the traditional 'break/fix' model to a more supportive, proactive model that helps drive the business.

Joe Elkington - Network Services - Mason Infotech

Badgemaster's IT History

Mason Infotech initially provided a hosted voice service to Badgemaster in 2020 to replace an ageing Avaya telephone system that would have required substantial capital investment to upgrade. Further work was undertaken later in the year to help with security, with Mason Infotech being awarded the agreement for ICT support in March of 2021.

Badgemaster is heavily reliant on internet services for both new client orders and customer service. Large server infrastructure is maintained on-site for both storage and application software along with traditional desktop facilities for all users.

With large volumes of small, bespoke orders in production, ICT plays a critical role throughout the production and order fulfilment process.

The Challenge

The previous ICT support company had provided a major upgrade to server and desktop systems a number of years ago but as time passed, systems started to become disadvantaged and performance deteriorated.

Whilst not impacting the business directly in the short term, it became clear that further investment in IT infrastructure was required to maintain the accuracy and high standards expected from Badgemasters clients. The investment needed to be accompanied by stringent change management processes along with an agreed approach to maintaining data storage and integrity moving forward.

The Solution

Following the traditional onboarding procedure that we undertake with all clients, it was clear Badgemaster needed to address a few key areas with some priority. These were scheduled into an agreed development programme to improve facilities at desktop level whilst also ensuring data was correctly backed up and organised on the servers.

Key milestones included

  • Migration to Office 365 from Exchange
  • Use of Microsoft Cloud services for data storage/retrieval
  • Integrated off-site secure backup solution
  • Full server performance review and reconfiguration completed
  • Internet back up service implemented

A substantial element of our support process is the ongoing dialogue between ourselves and our clients to make sure we align IT resources and development of IT services to help the business achieve its aims. This is of increased significance when the business does not wish to employ direct IT support itself.

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Working with Mason Infotech has been very good for us as a business. We’ve a much better and clearer understanding of our ICT network and have been able to unravel some complex legacy issues. Performance and reliability have been better and we’ve a much clearer and simpler pricing model in place with them. A reliable and resilient ICT infrastructure is critical to our business and Mason Infotech are key to maintaining this with us.

Ian Bradbeer - Managing Director - Badgemaster

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