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<h1>BT to cease all ISDN services by 2025</h1>

BT to cease all ISDN services by 2025

The traditional ISDN connectivity that many of our telephone system clients use to connect to public networks is set to be completely phased out in the UK by 2025. Many of our clients are already moving to either SIP connectivity as a direct replacement for traditional ISDN services or where appropriate, looking at using the 'Cloud' and opting for a hosted telephony solution.

We are working with Avaya, Broadsoft and BT Wholesale to introduce these new services to clients and already have many successful installs to refer too. The hosted voice market in particular is an area we are seeing very significant growth in with an estimated 30,000 new users per month adopting the service across the UK.

As networks 'converge' and start to carry voice, video and business critical data, and voice connectivity starts to be delivered existing internet services, it is becoming increasingly critical to ensure networks and systems can cope with this added traffic.

With careful consideration for both internal networks and internet access, both SIP connectivity and 'Hosted Voice' offer great value add services for any business to consider adopting now and will bring a range of benefits including; cost reduction, improved business continuity, simplified administration and help to introduce 'Unified Communications'.

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18 November 2016 | Unified Communications, Connect & Secure, Hosting & Cloud Solutions
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